Southern California Leather Woman

Contestant Application

Owner's Vision: Life changes.  It's that simple.

The Women's community has changed a lot too. It has withered, but not died. Where once large numbers of Leather women were deeply involved in the lifestyle and community, today the numbers are smaller.  There is, however, a thread of hope that needs nurturing.  There are women searching, seeking a safe haven and the doorway into our community, just as there are women looking to reenter a world they were once familiar with.

SoCal Leather Woman is a working title. Her focus: outreach and growth of the Southern California Women's community.

What can you expect as SoCal Leather Woman:

  • Expect to travel all over Southern California.
  • Expect to create and support events for Women.
  • Expect to attend community events, activities, and meetings.
  • Expect to connect and bridge our SoCal Women/Kink/Leather Communities.
  • Expect to NOT hold fundraisers for travel expenses!
  • Expect to have glorious fun!

Contest Requirements:

  • Speech
  • Community Q and A
  • Judges; Interview
  • Fantasy
  • Basket Auction for your favorite Women's organization

To run for So Cal Leather Woman, please click here to download the application and email it to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.