Southern California Leather Woman

SoCal Leather Woman History

The late 1990s and early 2000s saw some amazing changes in the Leather community. One change was the beginning steps of the “grand inclusion.” Back then we, the Leather community, for the most part were comprised of gays and lesbians. Members of the Fetish and Kink straight communities were curious about what made our community different from theirs, and so we opened our doors and shared our rich culture.

One of the notable differences between our communities is the Leather community’s strong sense of family. So many gays and lesbians, having been abandoned by their blood families over their sexuality, created families of choice within the walls of the Leather community. Small families reside within the larger Leather “community” family. We watch out for all our brothers and sisters; we have each other’s backs. We take care of each other and in the early days of AIDS that meant raising money for research and paying for the medical needs of our sick brothers. To that end we created leaders in our community – titleholders.

Title contests were held in Leather bars throughout the country. The winner was committed to creating and holding fundraisers, facilitatinging workshops, and traveling the country representing their Leather community. Bar contest winners competed in national and international contests. Being a titleholder became a matter of pride and the ultimate gift a person could – and can - give to his or her community.

By the birth of SoCal Leather Woman in 2005, the Southern California Leather community was embracing its Kink/Fetish brothers and sisters, but the communities – particularly the Women’s communities - were fragmented and there was no one clear source that So Cal community members could turn to for information, referrals, workshop leadership, or fundraising development.

SoCal Leather Woman was created to bridge the communication gap between the Leather/Kink/Fetish communities. She is that bright beacon of support and information that all our communities turn to.

Since SCLW’s inception, the needs of the greater community have changed, thus the focus of SCLW has changed. Today, SoCal Leather Woman focuses her energy more on the Women’s community which includes Leather Women, bi-sexual women, female Dominants of LADs and LICK, females who sub to straight male Doms, M-to-F transgendered, and Pro-Dommes. We are all sisters under the BDSM umbrella.

SoCal Leather Productions has the distinct honor of being graced with amazing titleholders. Each woman has made our community better because of her passion and her Leather heart. Because of them, we have built a proud heritage. “Thank you” cannot be shouted long enough or loud enough to these amazing women for the gifts they have given to our communities.


SCLW 2005 – Jesse Duran

SCLW 2006 – Bikkja Amy

SCLW 2007 – Rane Fox and Mandee Reed

SCLW 2009 – Kathleen Melch

SCLW 2010 – Serene

SCLW 2011-2012 – Mistress Melissa

SCLW 2012-2013 – Naria Jordan

SCLW 2014 - Brigette B

SCLW 2015 - slave bren